Movies with a bit of scary in them…

Horror Movies - Dennis Gifford - Hamlyn Books - 1977 Edition.

Photo Courtesy of: MICKSIDGE

There are scary movies, and then there are scary movies. What has you under the bed, the blanket over your entire body, quietly mumbling the words “mommy… I want my mommy”…. It’s a different answer for everyone. Thanks to the horror genre, there are many sub genres to pick from:

  • Slasher
  • Serial Killer
  • Gore
  • Paranormal
  • Teen Horror
  • Horror Comedy

I actually think some of these overlap a bit….but for simplicity sake, I just divided them into rough separate categories.

Everyone has one, or combination of these that suit just fine in regards to scaring the wits out of them. Me personally, I’m scared of the crazy serial killers that come off as nice and want to be your friend when you’re in a situation of helplessness. And it wouldn’t be a horror movie if the said helpless bunch (usually ends up being a group of teenagers) turned down the offered help from bat shit bill serial killer (I made that up) who is working to earn their trust and come off as a trustworthy friend.  You just get that “Kumbaya” feeling, until… well, you know. Things go awry. Craziness ensues. And you sit on the couch screaming, “Now, why did you take a ride with that guy”….   Here’s a movie that illustrates just this… Seriously made me want to run for the hills, when I first saw it… the way I figure it is, the crazies of the world hold enough fear without us as humans creating things to be afraid of.

Wolf Creek (2005)

Another movie that isn’t really horror, but still had me wanting to go home, and lock all my doors was Outbreak. You remember that one, right? (I freakin’ hate bacteria, viruses, and all those things which have the potential to be deadly, but are only visible under a microscope. I mean, hockey masked Jason and swords for fingers Freddy have nothing on Ebola).

Outbreak (1995)

So, I’m curious… What horror movies (sub-genres) have the ability to send you looking for the local locksmith to come change the locks on your door?


7 thoughts on “Movies with a bit of scary in them…

  1. NatsBookNook says:

    I’m a horror movie buff, so I can walk away from a movie relatively unscathed. BUT, there are a couple that keep me thinking about them long after the movie is over. Mostly Exorcism movies, although they have the moments of the “cheap scare”. The thought of a demon or the devil inside of someone freaks me out! (but I can’t get enough of it, either!) I also get spooked by ghost movies, as long as they are done well. One of the better ones I’ve seen in a while, is a movie that went straight to DVD called “Grave Encounters”. This movie wont be for everyone, but personally, I liked the style the film was shot in, and I’m always up for a good scare!

  2. Sharon says:

    I am big fan of all kinds of horror films, even the crappy and ridiculous ones you can watch for free via On Demand. They are always good for a laugh…but the ones that freak me out to no end are those like The Ring. The way that chick moved was beyond creepy, and so much of the movie was so bizarre. It bothered me for days!

    • Im right there with you, as I enjoy watching the crappy ones On Demand too… Actually, on a bit of a different note, I saw a psychological thriller that was truly ridiculous and the more I watched it, the more I had to laugh at it….

      Also the chicks in the Ring and in the Grudge were freaky. Their bodies contorted and making weird clicking sounds (the last part I think only applies to the Grudge)… Anyway, so yeah, totally know what you mean. …And thanks for sharing your thoughts, as it is really fun to see other people’s take on what they feel is scary and not. Appreciate you commenting.

  3. melissamwolff says:

    I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Congratulations!

  4. @melissamwolff- Thank you so so much… this means alot and I greatly appreciate the honor.

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