which one?

Same story, told slightly differently.. Which one is better…

Kathryn Merteuil and Sebastian Valmont

Photo Courtesy of: Malchior712

Co-conspirators, Dangerous Liaisons

Photo Courtesy of: tudor_chic

My Vote: …Cruel Intentions… Why? I like the setting in the modern world. More contemporary.


5 thoughts on “which one?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are soooo Cool – Not to mention Intelligent, Witty, Beautiful and an Amazing Mother !!! Daddy loves you Very Much … 🙂

  2. Yeah, Cruel Intentions. All the wigs and restrictive clothes and stiffness of Dangerous Liaisons just seem too uncomfortable to watch!

  3. Nikki Owen says:

    Cruel Intentions, definitely. I’ve watched it so many times now. I think it’s the modern twist I like and the New York setting – both make it more current, more real. Great blog, by the way!

  4. darkjade68 says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say Thanks for Following “The Dark Globe”… It’s June Follower’s Appreciation Month over there, you should check it out


  5. Paul says:

    What is your take on “Another Earth”

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