Took some time off, but Im back. Stay tuned… You like poetry don’t you?

The Master

Photo Courtesy of: Rebecca Mezzaluna

I know, it’s been awhile. I’ve missed you. And I haven’t a really great excuse for you. I wish I had something unbelievably exciting to tell you. Like for instance, NASA called and needed a civilian to join in on the latest space venture which included a trip around the  galaxy a time or two. Though, unfortunately, I didn’t get that call. 🙂

Well everyone, this is my message to tell you that I do plan on being back on the blog-o-sphere. I may be re-tweeking some things here and there, PLUS I am going to link a new blog of mine (still on the drawing board mind you) to this one, which will entail all of my newest and oldest poems and other musings. I hope you’ll grab a cuppa joe, cuddle up in your coziest of jammies, and will join on in.  Let’s talk writing. I want to talk about your writing, my writing, and all of those who have come before us, and are inspiring us today.

Are you ready? Cause I am!!!