Took some time off, but Im back. Stay tuned… You like poetry don’t you?

The Master

Photo Courtesy of: Rebecca Mezzaluna

I know, it’s been awhile. I’ve missed you. And I haven’t a really great excuse for you. I wish I had something unbelievably exciting to tell you. Like for instance, NASA called and needed a civilian to join in on the latest space venture which included a trip around the  galaxy a time or two. Though, unfortunately, I didn’t get that call. 🙂

Well everyone, this is my message to tell you that I do plan on being back on the blog-o-sphere. I may be re-tweeking some things here and there, PLUS I am going to link a new blog of mine (still on the drawing board mind you) to this one, which will entail all of my newest and oldest poems and other musings. I hope you’ll grab a cuppa joe, cuddle up in your coziest of jammies, and will join on in.  Let’s talk writing. I want to talk about your writing, my writing, and all of those who have come before us, and are inspiring us today.

Are you ready? Cause I am!!!


Johnathan Johnson

I have had the honor of meeting this wonderfully gifted man. He truly lives up to the word inspiration. He is an artist in the work that he creates and above all, in his life. An artist, doesn’t just create great  art that is timeless and universal… They LIVE it. Looking for a good writer, a good poet to read? Pick up something by this gent. Guaranteed to move you, and touch your soul. You’ll be a better human for it. Promise.

Great Interview. Long. Though really worth the read.

Published Works Include:

  1. In the Land We Imagined Ourselves (Poetry Book)
  2. Hannah and the Mountain: Notes Toward a Wilderness Fatherhood (Nonfiction Book)
  3. Mastodon, 80% Complete (Poetry Book)