What are your thoughts?


Photo Courtesy of: ilkaycan

This song intrigues me. The melody is catchy, yet haunting…  I feel a general urban, electronic vibe exuding from their work. I’m not real sure I’m a big fan of the group Trentemoller as a whole, but I do like this. Listen, and tell me your thoughts…


Music Review: “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” by the Secret Sisters

{hope} by Leaca's Philosophy
{hope}, a photo by Leaca’s Philosophy on Flickr.

The music sweet and haunting… the lyrics optimistically charged with all the positivity of hope that tomorrow will be a better day then it is today. The beautifully composed song “Tomorrow Will be Kinder,” created by the Secret Sisters is said to be on the upcoming soundtrack for Lionsgate’s much anticipated movie, The Hunger Games.

All this aside, this is a duo group that I’d like to hear more of. For me, this is the sound of true country music. Of an older type of country music…with soul if you will. Reminds me a lot of Alison Krauss. Take a listen, and tell me your thoughts.