Top TUE Tuesday

the old number 2

Photo Courtesy of: johnfromtheradio

This week I’m of a certain giddiness and eager to share with you the Top 2 Tuesday pics for this week. I shall digress a moment only to tell you that I am always eager to share my top picks with you, though today my excitement levels just might in fact be a tad bit more then normal.

With that said, I can tell you are at the edge of your seat, with bated breath, curiously wondering what the heck they are. What could cause this much anticipation and suspense (I wonder if I should try writing a novel that captures this effect…The question is though, would it be successful? ..hmm, well too much to consider and contemplate here.) I need to get off this digression and just let you have it, and give it to you straight.

My Top 2 picks are in regards to one of my most favorite poems, which is titled The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. You may be scratching your head now, though let me clarify. I was first introduced to this great poem through the voices of Ann with an “e” Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) and Loreena Mckennitt (Celtic singer/song-writer). Their voices bring a life to this poem that I am eager to share with you now.

Ann with an “e” reciting of the Highwayman

Loreena McKennitt’s song evokes a storytelling quality of the Highwayman that is both lulling and enticing. Take a listen.

As always, would love to know your thoughts and opinions. Are you a fan of the Highwayman? What is your favorite poem?


Top 2 Tuesday

My best Number is ( 2 ) Right just uR Best Number Then well C which Number is the winner :)Photo Courtesy of:Toshiba

So much for being on fire, as mentioned last week. A whirlwind of what have you’s, and wah-lah, we’re back to posting this on Wednesday… Perhaps Wednesday is a better fit? hmm…

Either way, this weeks Top 2 Tuesday/Wednesday picks actually came to me several weeks ago, though I wanted to make sure without a doubt that they were my very top 2 most for sure choices before putting them all out there for the world to see.

I’ve been sucked into the literature category this week and, more narrowly, have been concerned with the heroines that extremely fascinate me. The question I have asked myself and will now ask you is: Who would you choose to spend an afternoon with, visit with, while sipping on your favorite cup of tea? If fictional characters could in fact, for a moment’s time, live in reality, who would you like to meet?

This segues nicely into my top 2 list.

1.) I would without a doubt choose for my number one choice, Anne Shirley (from the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery). I have been a fan of the series since I was a child, and have always looked at her as a fictional version of myself… my alter ego, if you will. This first video is a look at how Megan Follows got the role of Anne Shirley, a look at her journey. I recommend this watch to all my fellow fans of the books/movies.

The second video for my number 1 pick, is a nicely done video, accompanied to such a beautiful piece of music. Again, if you are an Anne fan, I’d also recommend this watch to you. Even if you’re not, I say to you, you should give it a watch ’cause it might inspire you to give this great series a try.

2) My second choice would be to meet Olan, of The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck… Mind you, I have not completely finished this book yet, but wow, what an amazing woman, and incredible heroine. ‘Interesting’ would be a descriptive understatement. A pillar of strength, perhaps more accurate. A little awe and admiration slips from my lips, and that may be the reason why she’s #2 on my list.

What’s your list look like?

Old Country, New Country, and some Anne Shirley…

Had myself a bout of country music fever in highschool. I shortly recovered thereafter. I’ve never been a huge fan of this modern (and what I like to consider “watered down”) country music. I mean where are the likes of Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Kris Kristofferson, John Denver, etc. …  It’s been over a decade now, and the slumbering country music lover that I had figured was long gone and no longer to return, woke up.  As if from a dream. Eyes alert, ears open, I have come to find a modern county tune that I really can say, “Hey, I like that.” Grant it, it will never compare to Johnny Cash, or any of the greats, but hey, its good. And that’s all ya can ask for in this genre that has newly evolved from a once great grass roots sound that offered depth in the areas of life, in both love and loss, stemming directly from the hearts of those who sang them. The pioneers, the originators of country music needed no video or camera crew… just their guitars, fingers to strum them, and in-tune vocal folds to resonate the strength of their words. … though, I digress.  Getting back on track, here’s a gem I’d like to share, made popular by the country music group “The Band Perry,” titled If I Die Young. And tell me, is this an ‘I like this, but will wear off on me sooner rather then later’ type of song, or is this a keeper?

Sidenote: the video evokes an Anne of Green Gables moment where Ms. Shirley is in the canoe reciting, “The Lady of Shallot” by  the poet Lord Alfred Tennyson, does it not?