Book Review: An Untimely Love by Tendai Huchu

Imagine. Following a young man on his journey toward a form of religious extremism that reeks of toxicity toward all of mankind.

Islamic extremism.

Would you be willing to follow this young man’s journey, Khalid Patel, keeping an open mind, watching as he struggles with what he is told is ‘his destiny’ (to become a suicide bomber), all the while watching him discover the ability to tap into the core of his humanity. Before going through the fatal act of taking out others as well as himself, we see his internal struggle. The spirit of someone who in good conscience can not see to follow through on that which is expected from him.

This is a quick read. I know, I know. You think, a book about Islamic terrorism… yikes, why/who would want to read a book with such subject matter. Though let me stop you, and tell you that above all, this is a love story. (To be honest, I wish more of the relationship building between Khalid and Smokey came into play.) It is about a young man on his journey from a clouded, misguided truth, to one in which can only be represented by human emotion- Love.