Movie Review: The Roommate


Photo Courtesy of: gnmyan

While watching this flick, it was like re-living my youthful college dormitory years, which (of course) involved the crazy insane roommate who seemed nice at first, but really in the end just turned out to be a psycho-killer-maniac. We’ve all been there, right?

This movie was ….awful. Labeled as a psychological thriller, it would have been more accurate if they deleted psychological and thriller and substituted them for mediocre teen psycho stalker roommate with attachment issues… Though in all seriousness, this should have been saved for the Lifetime Network.  I double checked the channel just to make sure it hadn’t gotten switched there by mistake.

No sense wasting any more of your time, or any more of my sandman hours by breaking down the film in regards to the acting, directing, cinematography, etc. All I’ll say is, is that I would greatly suggest saving your money for your actual college tuition, and not waste it by seeing this. My expectations were low, and this movie somehow couldn’t even meet them.

Grade: – (Think I need to come up with a new grading system, cause there needs to be something lower than a ” – “)

Rated: PG-13


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Roommate

  1. ziwaka says:

    Hahaha- I didn’t think it was THAT bad lady!! However, as I mentioned before, not one that I would probably watch again by choice, especially if there was something better on!!

  2. nevertooearlymp says:

    I haven’t seen this one, but based upon what you have written here I don’t think I’ll be running out any time soon to catch it!

    Welcome to The LAMB, by the way. I hope you’re finding everything ok over there and that everyone is treating you nice….. We’re kind of like the roommate in that way, nice at first until….. Oops, I mean we’re nice all the time! Hahaha. Welcome!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting @nevertooearlymp. I really appreciate it. And thanks for welcoming me to the LAMB. And I am for sure relieved that you all don’t resemble that of “The (crazy) Roommate”…my fears can now be put to rest… I look forward to being part of the LAMB family.

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