Top 2 Tuesday: Live in Laughter

Sailing Rust LakePhoto Courtesy of: Dialed-in!

They say, laughter is the best medicine… Scientifically true? Either way, it can’t be debated that it certainly doesn’t hurt the body any, and has the ability to only make us feel good, warm, and ultimately bring us to a fuzzy cozy state of mind.

Now, the question is, have you ever found yourself in laughter, merely because the person who initiated said laughter has such an infectious laugh? Well, enjoy this week’s Top 2 picks. These are a couple of people who inspire laughter within myself… As the good ol’ doctor would say, “Take 2, and call me in the morning…” Enjoy these two clips…

1.) The airplane scene in the movie Anger Management. Key laugh-a-teer…Mr. Jack Nicholson…

2.) This video only shows small moments of Eddie Murphy’s contagious laughter in his performance as Detective Axel Foley in the movie Beverly Hills Cop. (Tried to find a better clip, though the trailer for the movie was all I could find).


3 thoughts on “Top 2 Tuesday: Live in Laughter

  1. I absolutely LOVED the Beverly Hills Cop movies. Eddie Murphy is the BEST. Always makes me laugh. Love him!

  2. Bubbawheat says:

    Fun stuff, I actually just saw this clip a little while ago and it totally fits this post. From Leon, The Professional.

    Also, welcome to the LAMB!

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