Startled…a little shocked…and a bit surreal…

It began, progressed, and nearly ended like any other typical Saturday. However, a typical Saturday it was not.  After being off line for almost the entire day yesterday, I decided to hop on here (last night) and see what was happening in the land of ol’ cyberville. You can probably imagine my bit of shock when I realized that I had been nominated by thoughtsonmybookshelf for, what the blogging world terms, The Sunshine Award. I was, and still am finding myself in this surreal spot, feeling quite honored and humbled by this wonderful gesture. I have only been blogging since October 2011, so it’s safe to state that I’m still a bit of a rookie.

This award is a presentation of one saying that they find joy in your blog and that it brightens their day in some way, whether it be large or small. I am grateful that my blog has had this ability- to bring someone to a smile, or a least a little sunshine into their day. (Sounds a tad cheesy, yes? but sunshine not only illuminates our physical landscapes, but has the ability to lift our moods).  Yay, sunshine!

And the wonderful gal who nominated me, from the blog thoughtsonmybookshelf, has one of those blogs that I just expressed. The writing is humbling, and the voice of the writer comes across sounding like an old friend, chatting with you over a cup of coffee. Simply engaging and leaves you in a happier place. If you have not yet checked out her blog, I highly recommend you do so.

Now, upon nomination, there are a few rules one has to consider:

  • Post the award picture (I’m not good with flowers…Is this some sort of daisy)?
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer some random questions:
  1. Favorite color Red. Since I learned the color wheel. A time or two I’ve tried to make others be my favorites. Shortly afterwards, though, realized that you can’t ‘make’ things your favorites- they just are.
  2. Favorite animal I’m a dog lover lover, and owner of a Golden Retriever named Moeglee. In regards to wild animals, I love watching anything on the gorillas or bears.
  3. Favorite number 8… brother’s hockey jersey way back in the day.
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink– I have two. You can have two favorites, right? My first one is coffee- natures morning ‘wake-up’ serum, and Pepsi for anytime after said coffee beverage. Though, I’m really trying to get on more of a water kick.
  5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter– I’m on Facebook more, though am still a newbie in Twitterville.
  6. My passion-Writing. It’s beyond an addiction.
  7. Prefer Giving or Getting presents– Both, but truthfully I enjoy giving more.
  8. Favorite pattern– Solids.. is that a pattern? I like blocks of solid color. Love color.
  9. Favorite day of the week Friday- Basically because it is the start of the weekend, and two full days with my fam.
  10. Favorite flower Daisy’s
  • Finally I need to nominate 10 other blogs which brighten my day, so here we go:
  1. maudlin tales
  2. Girl On The Contrary
  3. Reel Ideas
  4. Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato
  5. mookology
  6. A Year In Cinema
  7. Once Upon a Friendship
  8. “It’s not a movie, it’s an experience” – annoyingfilmperson
  9. Caught Between the Pages
  10. isleofbooks

All of these blogs mentioned above are wonderful and definitely worth taking the stroll over to take a gander at. And, I hope you will. With that, I want to thank again, and not sure I can thank enough, thoughtsonmybookshelf for the nomination. Truly means a lot.


3 thoughts on “Startled…a little shocked…and a bit surreal…

  1. You are so sweet! Thank you for nominating our blog!!!

  2. […] was nominated by Write, Wrong, and Everything Inbetween for the Sunshine Award! Imagine my surprise upon finding out about this . . . then multiply that by […]

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