Did this last year, before casting was even announced for The Hunger Games… I came up with my own…Some of the characters don’t make an appearance til book 2, Catching Fire

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Obviously this is not the true cast for the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, which has been adapted from the book with the same title, written by Suzanne Collins. It was fun to put pictures to the faces as how I visualized them. I am only speaking from a visual standpoint. I am aware that this cast would not be ideal in all reality due to the fact that just cause they may look the part, doesn’t mean they’d do well or fit the part in regards to their acting ability and range. To view the Official cast of The Hunger Games, click here.

In Advance: I do not own the rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended.

Ellen Page as Katniss Everdeen
Ellen Page

Elle Fanning as Primrose Everdeen
Elle Fanning

Aaron Johnson as Gale Hawthorne:
aaron johnson

Max Irons as Peeta Mellark:
Red Riding Hood

Brendan Gleeson as Haymitch:
Brendan Gleeson

Kristin Chenoweth as…

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