The 10 Best Dance Movies…Ever?

Ok, so obviously this isn’t an exact science, but perhaps it does serve as some measure, though may in the end prove to be debatable. But seriously, what a fun topic to touch on. I’m not a “dancer” myself, persay (except for those dance classes I took as a kid, along with piano and figure skating), but let me tell you, I do love a good dancing movie and really enjoy the art of dance as a medium of expression.

So, with that said, I compiled my list of the best 10 dance movies. I had a hard time and wrestled with a few, though in the end the list was narrowed, and 10 spots were filled.

Here they are, and hope you’ll share with me some of your favorites that are not on this list.

10) Fame – Rated: R

9) Calamity Jane – Rated: “Approved” (according to

8) Shall We Dance – Rated: PG-13

7) Save the Last Dance – Rated: PG-13

6) The Company – Rated: PG-13

5) Saturday Night Fever – Rated: R

4) Grease – Rated: PG-13

3) Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights – Rated: PG-13

2) Staying Alive – Rated: PG

1) Black Swan – Rated: R


7 thoughts on “The 10 Best Dance Movies…Ever?

  1. Even though the Danny/Sandy dance is one of my favorites of all time (how did she get those pants on?), the time and dedication Natalie Portman put into her Black Swan role was incredible. I didn’t see the movie, though. I heard it might be too freaky for me.

  2. The Danny/Sandy one has been a favorite of mine for a long time too. And I’m as puzzled as you as to how she gets them britches on…(heehee)…. Though the Natalie Portman one, you are right, it is a tad freaky. Freaky in the sense that it is completely a non-mainstream easy going type of film. Definitely a difficult one to watch, as it is a look at the young heroine (Portman) in her quest to find perfection, which ultimately is what sends her to her own demise. She is schizophrenic, and the whole movie you are looking at the world through her lens and it is quite a trip and blur between reality and insanity… though beyond the storyline, the dancing is absolutely spectacular.

  3. lnisbet says:

    I can definitely say I share your love for dance movies, and these are all excellent choices! (For the record, I read somewhere that Olivia Newton John had to be sewn into those pants, so there ya go, lol).

    Once upon a time I used to be a dancer as well and stuck with it for about ten years. One of my biggest regrets was quitting so I could get a part time job in high school, but I’ll always appreciate movies like these and shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ which keep me feeling connected to the other dancers out there!

  4. What kind of dance did you take? Ballet, tap, jazz? It is great to hear you were in the similar boat (dance wise) to me, and share the same appreciation for the art of it 🙂

  5. lnisbet says:

    Oh I was one of those crazy kids who did it all: tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, etc. etc. etc. – one of the high points of my life was when i won the trophy at my studio for ballet dancer with the most potential. lol. always nice to connect with a fellow dance appreciator!

  6. colincarman says:

    Awesome list and love that a horror-dance film tops it!

  7. @colincarman- Thanks. And it was certainly fun playing with the order of best to worst… Though in the end, Natalie Portman’s performance as the lead dancer in the Swan Lake production, was by far the most captivating.

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