Top 2 Tuesday

My best Number is ( 2 ) Right just uR Best Number Then well C which Number is the winner :)Photo Courtesy of:Toshiba

So much for being on fire, as mentioned last week. A whirlwind of what have you’s, and wah-lah, we’re back to posting this on Wednesday… Perhaps Wednesday is a better fit? hmm…

Either way, this weeks Top 2 Tuesday/Wednesday picks actually came to me several weeks ago, though I wanted to make sure without a doubt that they were my very top 2 most for sure choices before putting them all out there for the world to see.

I’ve been sucked into the literature category this week and, more narrowly, have been concerned with the heroines that extremely fascinate me. The question I have asked myself and will now ask you is: Who would you choose to spend an afternoon with, visit with, while sipping on your favorite cup of tea? If fictional characters could in fact, for a moment’s time, live in reality, who would you like to meet?

This segues nicely into my top 2 list.

1.) I would without a doubt choose for my number one choice, Anne Shirley (from the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery). I have been a fan of the series since I was a child, and have always looked at her as a fictional version of myself… my alter ego, if you will. This first video is a look at how Megan Follows got the role of Anne Shirley, a look at her journey. I recommend this watch to all my fellow fans of the books/movies.

The second video for my number 1 pick, is a nicely done video, accompanied to such a beautiful piece of music. Again, if you are an Anne fan, I’d also recommend this watch to you. Even if you’re not, I say to you, you should give it a watch ’cause it might inspire you to give this great series a try.

2) My second choice would be to meet Olan, of The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck… Mind you, I have not completely finished this book yet, but wow, what an amazing woman, and incredible heroine. ‘Interesting’ would be a descriptive understatement. A pillar of strength, perhaps more accurate. A little awe and admiration slips from my lips, and that may be the reason why she’s #2 on my list.

What’s your list look like?


6 thoughts on “Top 2 Tuesday

  1. If I could visit with a literary character, I would be Anne Shirley as well! I adore this young woman and have related to her since I discovered her. I’m a bit on an Anne nut and tend to find many real life situations that remind me of an Anne moment. As you know, I just wrote a post about Anne and why I love her so much! 🙂 I, too, highly recommend the series to everyone! Great post and thanks for commenting on ours! 🙂

  2. It seems, or from what little I can tell, your friendship with your friend and co-blogger is kindred spirit like (much like Anne and Diana) 🙂 I think the only other friendship that seems beautifully kindred and lasting (fictional wise) is Frodo and Sam. A little strange, yes, to pull LOTR suddenly into the conversation, though the only other book/movie friendship that has moved my heart.

  3. I’m a huge fan of the classics. Yet when I truly pondered the question as to a literary character I have to admit to thinking, probably quite shallowly, of the character in Patricia Briggs novels, Mercy Thompson. It’s paranormal and yet I just have to say that if she existed what stories she could tell.

    My number 2 person I’m honestly not sure who that would be. I read Jane Eyre so many times that she (Jane the character) would need to be on my list. The late Ann Richards would be on it as she made a difference in our great state of Texas (yes, I’m a Texan). Then a person that I found lately is Imogen Cunningham as she seems to have been a lady before her time in both her perspective and her photography. I would love to sit down as an adult with my late great Aunt Floy. She died when I was around 26 and I miss her dearly. I would love to tell her about my life and just visit with her again. Ok, so I’ve decided that she would be my number 2!

  4. Tisha, whether it be shallow or deep, no right answer is to be had. I think your choices sound great. 🙂 and the personal connection with your Aunt Floy in one is very meaningful. 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment as I greatly appreciate it.

  5. Firstly, I have to admit that I have limited exposure to great literary classics. From what I read, I would like to meet Agatha Christie’s Ms.Marple 🙂 . Her insight about people psychology is always fascinating to me. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • The psychology of people is something that I also find interesting. I have not read Agatha Christie to date, though would be interested in perhaps checking her work out. I appreciate your comment, and thanks so much for checking out my site. 🙂 Hope you’ll visit again soon.

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