Top 2 Tuesday:

The Number Two (2)Photo Courtesy of: (flickr)

Yay… This calls for a celebration, don’t you think? I mean, look, I’ve finally returned this weekly post to it’s rightful day. No more Top 2 Tuesday posts on Wednesday folks. We’re back on track. On fire really. Smokin’. …yep, I could probably go on and on, but we have much bigger fish to fry, right?

Ok, so let’s get down to business.

This week’s Top 2 Tuesday picks will focus on current television commercials marking the air waves. Ok, so to make things clear, it is not the commercials themselves I find intriguing- or more specifically, the products in which they are selling.

With a little explanation, here’s what intrigues me about them: I am drawn to write about these commercials simply because of the music encompassing them. Ultimately, their music is what grabbed my attention. It doesn’t matter what I am doing- if either commercial is on, the music propells me to stop what I am doing and glance at it.

Take a gander and let me know your thoughts…

J’adore Commercial (featuring Charlize Theron) song: Entire song hereHeavy Cross by The Gossip

Citibank Commercial/Song: Entire song hereInto the Wild by LP

**Disclaimer-  I’m generally not a fan of television commercials. It’s a rare time in my life when one jumps out, and I look at it not through lenses of a consumer, but as someone who appreciates the art that comes from the creation of it. And for your enjoyment, if the songs/music tickle your fancy as much as mine, you can listen to the full versions linked under each of the videos.


2 thoughts on “Top 2 Tuesday:

  1. ziwaka says:

    Leave it to you Daryn to take a commercial advertising something, and turn it around into something that is NOT about advertising!! Interesting viewpoint, and like the idea!!

  2. Thanks lady 🙂 Appreciate your comment (as always)…

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