Top 2 Tuesday: on Wednesday… AGAIN!!

Number two...Photo Courtesy of: Guilherme Roseler de Carvalho (Flickr)

Well let’s talk about some tv, shall we? I mean, I’ve hardly brought up the subject in months. “Really? Months?” you say. And I retort, “yes, yes, it’s true”

So, the genre of television will be my broad focus for this weeks “Top 2 Tuesday (on Wednesday- again).

Now let’s be honest. There are very few ‘great’ sitcoms since they were very first made/created/born (though there is a plenty big enough pool to choose from when it comes to narrowing the field to just two). Sure, there are many that can be classified as funny, and overall just a plain ol’ joy to watch, but that doesn’t mean they’ve achieved ‘greatness’ status. No. And if we (you and I) were to sit down and jot on paper the ones that have hit the pinnacle of all time greatness, I’m sure we’d even come up with some different answers.

So, my #1 pic for all time greatest sitcoms was an easy pick. I didn’t even have to let my mind go back, and search for it. The answer just came to me. Without a doubt, it deserves to be on the list. I don’t see how it could be debatable, really. So with that said, here’s my #1. And ENJOY this scene…. CLASSIC!

My #2 pic was a bit more tricky. I mean, I had a tie for second place. Though guess which won out? …Well my #2 pick, I feel, does have that ‘debatable quality,’ though I’m determined to stick with it. It is not a terribly old sitcom. In fact, in the entire history of television, it can be considered brand new. (That is why I feel that part of me should be picking a show from the beginning ages of television, when conceptually the sitcom first came into being. Though alas, my 2nd pick doesn’t come from this earlier time period). My 2nd pick was chosen for the combination of great acting and writing from an ensemble cast. Actually, it was the chemistry of the actors that made this show really great. They worked unbelievably well together. The comedic timing, a real gem to watch. With all this lead up, I might as well go ahead and give it to you now. …So here, it is. My #2 pick for all time best sitcom. Click here to find out what it is 🙂

Well, my friends, I’d love to know your thoughts and hear what your “Top 2” tv sitcoms of all time are. Til next week…


3 thoughts on “Top 2 Tuesday: on Wednesday… AGAIN!!

  1. ziwaka says:

    First and foremost- I love the Cosby Show! It is one of the best sitcoms of all time, I agree with you there. On a second note, I remember seeing this episode!! We got to see Bill Cosby in person several years back, and I was so glad we’d gone!!

    As far as you’re number two pick- Friends- I can’t say lots, as never really watched it regularly. I’ve seen a few episodes, and they were cute, tho could never really “get into it” so to speak.

    I love reading your Top Tuesday picks!! Takes me down memory lane, or opens up new things I’d not thought of or seen!!!

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