Top 2 Tuesday picks… On WEDNESDAY :)

ATC: School Daze - The Number 2 (explored)

Photo Courtesy of: Kellypuffs

Sorry to everyone for not getting this out yesterday (tuesday), as I realize it kind of negates the whole purpose of Top 2 Tuesday on any other day but Tuesday. With that said, I debated on just letting my post (or lack thereof) slide and picking back up where I left off starting again next week. Though a small part of me said, no, no, no. …It’s no matter that Tuesday has came and went. It is gone for another week, yes, but hey, my picks are ever present at the tip of my tongue, ready to be said at a moments notice.

So without further adieu, let’s dive in, shall we?

So, have you ever thought back in the recesses of your memory, back to a time 10, 20, or 30 some years ago, and remembered that which was inspiring or had the ability to move you. Something that which spoke to you, and to this day still has the ability to impact you by merely focusing on the memory itself?

I have wondered to myself, what two movies I haven’t seen in years would I re-watch at this moment, if given the chance to spontaneously sit down and revisit them? My top two picks were chosen based on a couple of aspects. First off, the story and scripts for both films are widely accessible though contain a level of depth that I truly appreciate in a good piece of cinematic art. Secondly, in both movies, the acting greatly compliments the writing/script, as the minor nuances of the characters are paid close attention to.

With that said, here are my Top 2 choices for movies that I have not seen for quite some time, though would love to revisit… Drum roll please…

My number one pick: is the film Life as a House, starring Kevin Kline, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Hayden Christensen. Really such a beautiful movie. If you have not yet seen this gem, I highly recommend it.

My number two pick it the film titled About a Boy. You may (or may not) already have preconceived notions/thoughts/opinions of Hugh Grant as a person or an actor, but in all honesty, he delivers such a great performance in this wonderfully exquisit film.

Please share with me your top 2 movies that you haven’t seen in years, though would love to rewatch them given the chance. Even if you’ve seen them only once 10 years ago, but they left their mark on you. Would love to know and hear from you.


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