Movie Review: Moneyball

Moneyball Movie by pursuethepassion
Moneyball Movie, a photo by pursuethepassion on Flickr.

Brief Synopsis:

We find Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) as an ex pro baseball player working as a GM for the Oakland A’s with little funds and in a world of reality that says there is no way his team can compete with giants such as the NY Yankees. His goal- to make a successful team on the small budget that he is alloted, and believing he can do so with the help of a computer wiz stats kind of guy named Peter Brand (Jonah Hill).

Review and Analysis:

When the whole world is looking at you like you’re nuts, or have a lack of belief in your vision, that is when the test of the human spirit comes into play. One can choose to cave under the judgements of others, and feel the wind in their sails die off, OR…one can choose to swim against a sea of opposition and believe solely in ones own vision. Billy Beane (Pitt) rises to the occasion, his spirit determined and strong. Though Pitt takes a humanity to the character that is brilliant. Because not only is Billy Beane’s demeanor confident and courageous, but it encompasses the subtle undertones of fear, doubt, and vulnerability.

Also, the relationship between Billy Beane (Pitt) and computer guru, Peter Brand (Hill) is one to watch as it subtly shifts and evolves from strictly business into a mutual trust of friendship that is somewhat expected, though wonderful to watch. Jonah Hill’s performance, in this film, has a wide range that spans from the comic to the more serious side we are not accustomed to seeing from him as viewers. Jonah Hill sells this character almost flawlessly, as we watch him determined and unwavering in his belief that what he and Beane (Pitt) are doing is the right thing.

Kerris Dorsey, the young actress playing the part of Billy Beane’s daughter, is not new to working on the big screen, and she is definitely what I like to consider a GEM… Her performance as “Casey Beane” is simply charming, and her singing voice is not only magical but magnetic, grabbing your senses to attention and pulling them into the realm of acoustic strings and a resonating calm. Her acting ability is equal to the level of her singing, and by looking at this performance alone, one can probably determine that she has a great chance at a long future in entertainment industry.


Have you seen the critically acclaimed movies Rudy, Miracle, or Rocky? What do they all have in common? Heart. These movies, like Moneyball, not only have the ability, but actually deliver in transcending the story of the sport and speaking of the true test to the human spirit. Although I do feel that Moneyball possesses no more emotional punch or connects with our own humanity any more than the three films I aforementioned.

With that said, I wish this film the best of luck at the 2012 Oscars. I’ll be watching, will you?


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