Review of: TeraBrite’s Cover of “Safe and Sound”

“Safe and Sound, one of the songs chosen to be on the upcoming movie “The Hunger Games” soundtrack has gotten a lot of kudos from listeners, and strikes a positive chord with many. Taylor Swift’s song, featuring The Civil Wars, is a soft, saddening melody that feels almost melodically folk-ish; and there is something raw and vulnerable about it. The melody and lyrics co-exist not side by side, but blend together to create and experience that generates feelings of both loss and hope, sadness and strength. Taylor Swift, along with The Civil Wars, does a wonderful job in conveying these common yet complex emotions, weaving them in a tapestry you are almost unaware of. Unless you really strive to listen.

The Punk Band, TeraBrite, has done a cover of this Taylor Swift/The Civil Wars collaboration. Simply stated, it is what I would consider ‘an expected rendition’ of the original piece by playing on direct opposites. Instead of soft and haunting, TeraBrite’s is fast paced and edgy, without the raw and vulnerable aspects. With that said, I don’t feel that TeraBrite’s attempt at covering this song deserves a failed grade. Strictly on its own merits, I feel the song is performed well.  The lead singer- her voice rocks; she is compelling to watch. I listened to the cover version with my eyes closed, to just get a feel for the song, but upon watching it a second time, I kept thinking, imagine if that girl was rockin’ a guitar.

Take a listen and tell me what you think:

TeraBrite’s Cover of Taylor Swift’s, feat. The Civil Wars song “Safe and Sound”


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