Movie Review: Young Adult

charlize theron by helloloan0907
charlize theron, a photo by helloloan0907 on Flickr.

General/Brief Synopsis:

So, Charlize Theron’s character “Mavis Gary” is at the same level, mentally,  as the character’s she writes and creates for the Young Adult series of novels she’s the author of. The series is a flop, though she lives to convince others, and herself, that she is extremely important, busy, and successful, when she is clearly anything but. She is living in nostalgia, trying to recapture ‘her best years’ that were back in her highschool days. Returning to the small town in which she grew up, she searches to destroy the happiness of those around her in order to find her own degree of happiness- an effort to fill the failure void in both love and business.  She is simply awe struck as to how the towns people have found love and happiness while maintaining very little honorable accolades, and material possessions.


Acting was par. Nothing fantastic, but definitely met the level of expectation. Story line: blah. Nothing new, innovative, or interesting here. Simply stated, “it was ok”.

Would I recommend:

Serious waste of money to see this in the theater. I’d definitely say go ahead see it if the plot line interests you. Though definitely wait for it on pay-per view… or Redbox.


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