How fascinating are Barbara Walter’s top 10 most fascinating people of 2011

So what did you think of Bab’s special last night on the list of the 10 most fascinating people of 2011.  Let’s recap, in case you missed it.

10. Modern Family’s “Eric Stonestreet” and “Jesse Tyler Ferguson”

9.  Simon Cowell

8.  The Kardashians

7.  Herman Cain

6.  Katy Perry

5.  Derek Jeter

4.  Donald Trump

3.  Amanda Knox

2. Pippa Middleton

and, the number one person on the list of the most fascinating for 2011 list is none other then the brilliant Steve Jobs.

I realistically think at least a third of the people on this said list possess the quality of egocentricism.  I say this as not a slight, but just an observation of character. I’m not sure my list would resemble that of Ms. Walters, other then for the exception of Steve Jobs. He not only deserves to be on this list, but deserves top ranking. #1 indeed.


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