The Hunger Games is not Twilight, or Twilight-esk…

Maybe the phenomena they share will be similar.  They do carry much of the same audience base: the Young Adult population. Both series do in fact possess ‘a love triangle’ so to speak. Both stories/series contain strange and unusual creatures.  The Twilight saga is a series involving vampires and werewolves (mythical creatures), whereas the creatures of The Hunger Games series, while they are not human nor animal, it isn’t hard to fathom that with the science and technology of today that we could possess the capablity (as humans) to genetically transform/mutate an animal into a weapon in the future- ex. JabberJays (as the Capitol does in the Hunger Games). Now, this isn’t a good thing, a scary thing in fact. Though it’s fairly plausible.

Though, let’s clarify, shall we. Twilight is 100% a love story. The whole story/series revolves around this romeo and juliet-esk love story. The Hunger Games is not primarily a love story. The Hunger games is about war, revolution, rebellion, government control, political, social, and societal issues. If I had to give a percentage to it, I’d say that The Hunger Games is 5% a love story and 95% other.

My main point here: both storylines are completely different. Twilight is for the romantic, while the Hunger Games is about life.  It presents a look into our own society and our own world. What a species such as ourselves is capable of: love (and no, not the ooey gooey romantic kind), sacrifice, courage, vulnerability, and an inner-strength we are often unaware of until the time comes and it presents itself.


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