Breaking Dawn (Part 1)- the acting, the abs, and don’t forget, the music

So should I tell you I’m like most every other young girl or “mom” fan, and say that this movie rocked, the books are excellent, and I’m already standing in line for the final installment of the series… Well, that just isn’t my style.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the movies… key word is ‘like’ here.  I do not love, or have a head over heels type of adoration for this movie or the entire series as a whole. It’s what I like to call a guilty pleasure. I’ve always been drawn to the vampire/werewolf genre. I mean, one of the best series out there in this genre is the Underworld series.  The Twilight movies are fun to watch. The soundtracks ARE amazing. I own none of the movies, but I do own the “Eclipse” soundtrack. Those on the team designed to build the soundtrack for the movies, created an enjoyable collection of music that if for not any other purpose, gives the movies another layer of appeal.

Like most gals, I do enjoy the element of romance in my movies, and let’s face it, these Twilight movies are a big draw in that regard. Plus you add in vampires and werewolves, and you got yourself two hours of some popcorn chomping bliss.  I am able to enjoy the whole lot of it- the characters, the story, the music, and yes the awkward acting (at times). Plus Jacob’s abs. They are an added bonus on the screen, are they not?

For those who have not seen it yet, (and who am I kidding. You all have seen it, am I right?), I figure you can expect the same caliber and value of entertainment as you did from the previous ones. If you have enjoyed the past ones, I figure much the same is to be expected this go around. I don’t think it’ll disappoint, …though it might (as heard it actually has in some cases… though, that could be heresay).

Weather you have yet to see it, or are on your 10th viewing of the film, I highly recommend taking a moment and reading this gem. A fellow blogger and her thoughts on the on viewing this film. Such a fun read. Check it out.


One thought on “Breaking Dawn (Part 1)- the acting, the abs, and don’t forget, the music

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hehehe- and to mention Jakes abs!! Don’t forget that part lady!! (oh wait, you added it, just had to emphazise it a bit more!!! hehe, sorry)

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