The HG world as I see it…

Obviously this is not the true cast for the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, which has been adapted from the book with the same title, written by Suzanne Collins. It was fun to put pictures to the faces as how I visualized them. I am only speaking from a visual standpoint. I am aware that this cast would not be ideal in all reality due to the fact that just cause they may look the part, doesn’t mean they’d do well or fit the part in regards to their acting ability and range. To view the Official cast of The Hunger Games, click here.

In Advance: I do not own the rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended.

Ellen Page as Katniss Everdeen
Ellen Page

Elle Fanning as Primrose Everdeen
Elle Fanning

Aaron Johnson as Gale Hawthorne:
aaron johnson

Max Irons as Peeta Mellark:
Red Riding Hood

Brendan Gleeson as Haymitch:
Brendan Gleeson

Kristin Chenoweth as Effie Trinket:
Kristen Chenoweth

Cheyenne Jackson as Cinna:
Cheyenne Jackson

Tim Gunn as Caesar Flickerman:

Joshua Jackson as Plutarch Heavensbee:
Joshua Jackson

Nicole Kidman as Fulvia:
Nicole Kidman Chanel No.5

Jane Lynch as Commander Paylor:
Jane Lynch

Christine Taylor as Cressida:
Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller at the "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" Premiere

Josh Radnor as Castor:

Jason Segel as Pollux:
People Jason Segel

Dennis Quaid as Boggs:
Dennis Quaid

Reese Witherspoon as Tigris:
Reese Witherspoon

Tara Reid as Glimmer:
tara reid

Kellan Lutz as Cato:
kellan lutz

Gerard Butler as Brutus:

Joss Stone as Enobaria:
Joss Stone

Rachel McAdams as Johanna:
Rachel McAdams

Jackson Rathbone as Finnick:
Jackson Rathbone 2

Jennifer Connelly as Annie:

Glen Close as Mags:
Glenn Close

Jodelle Ferland as Rue:
Ferland, Jodelle

Stanislav Ianevski as Thresh:

Penelope Cruz as Wiress:

Don Cheadle as Chaff:
Traitor Poster

Emma Stone as Leeg 1:
Emma Stone

Abigail Breslin as Leeg 2:
Abigail Breslin on Sidewalks TV

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Beetee:
Philip Seymour Hoffman on 60 Minutes

Helen Mirren as President Coin:
Helen Mirren

Tom Wilkinson as President Snow:


12 thoughts on “The HG world as I see it…

  1. Reblogged this on Write, Wrong, and Everything InBetween Reviews and commented:

    Did this last year, before casting was even announced for The Hunger Games… I came up with my own…Some of the characters don’t make an appearance til book 2, Catching Fire

  2. Mags says:

    Some of the people you list really would never take such a small role. I think Woody Harrelson did a great job. He surprised me really. Lenny Kravitz let me down a bit. Cheyenne would have been really interesting as Cinna. I know Rue being black has stirred up some controversy lately. I have to admit I didn’t expect it in the movie, but she did a great job.Chenoweth would have been interesting as Effie. I wasn’t disappointed in Banks though either. Interesting choices though for sure.

  3. Thanks Mags for checking this particular post out. 🙂 Though mind you, the people I picked/listed above were those who I visualized long before I actually knew who the real cast was going to be. I never thought they’d be the actual people playing these parts. I do agree that Lenny Kravitz was a bit underwhelming, and I think that Woody H. did pretty good as Haymitch. Not top notch impressed, but he gave a solid performance. Also, I agree that the little girl playing Rue did well, as did the boy who played Thresh. Overall, the acting was solid, though no stand out performances (in my opinion) except for Jennifer Lawrence, who really carried this film I believe. … And the funny thing is, when I read books, it’s something I can’t help doing. I visualize people (generally actors/actresses) who fit the descriptions of the characters set by the author. So, when reading The Hunger Games last year, long before I knew who the cast was going to be, I envisioned these people to fit the roles… It helps me to concretely envision the character. And I will say, when I did see the movie a second time, I did less comparing to the book, and found myself liking the movie more.

  4. ziwaka says:

    Would love to chat with you in person, and actually look up some peeps with you and compare thoughts as to who I picture as the characters! But as said, think this is better done in person! 🙂

  5. Yvan says:

    Wow, some really surprised me. I haven’t seen the movie, not out here in Spain yet, until this Friday. But I like your alternative for Katniss!!! I’ll have to come back to tell you further, but I think Lenny Kravitz fits Cinna’s role quit well. As for the others, I was nicely surprised about Paylor, Snow and Coin (although Tim Gunn also pleases me for the role). And some of the Careers/tributes are nicely chosen too, especially Cato and Brutus… (Butler, who better!).

    • Thanks so much for your comment, and I’m glad you liked some of the picks… While reading the books, I really couldn’t help but picture these characters in my mind. Especially Tim Gunn as Caesar Flickerman. Although (after having already seen the film) Stanley Tucci did a spectacular job as Caesar, I can’t still help but think (in the back of my mind) what a great fit Gunn is for the role (in my humble opinion 🙂 … And ya, once you see the movie, come back as would love to know your thoughts/take.

      • Yvan says:

        Hi again! I finally watched the movie. And I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by the characters… First, Katniss is too old, and… well I don’t like that actress anyway. Caesar was indeed very good, I can’t seem to find a better alternative!
        The others are fine, especially Lenny Kravitz, I love that he fits the role so well (although I didn’t like that he openly opposes the Capitol right from the beginning, that’s not at all like that in the book, and I prefer the subtleness of the book).
        Other elements annoyed me, such as the whole Mockingjay Pin thing: it’s supposed to be a public reminder of her district, not some pseudo weapon that she smuggles in the arena; the whole point of the Pin is to be public, so we’ll see how they work with that on the following movies.
        And finally, it’s waaay too summed up! The reaping isn’t clear for someone who has read the books (they don’t even explain why names would be put more than once for reaping). Voila!

        • I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts regarding this movie and it’s relation to the books. I would have to agree with almost everything you said (minus the Katniss point). I found many things that I didn’t like or questioned, though to be honest it helped when I went and saw it a second time and made an active point not to compare (the movie to the book). Obviously, I think it is human nature not to shut this off completely, but I did less of it (comparing), and thus found I enjoyed the movie more. Though to be honest, the movie, regardless of how many times I watch it, will take 2nd place to the book. Isn’t this always the case?

          • Yvan says:

            I followed your advice and watched it again. And I must say I enjoyed it better! It’s always hard trying not to refer to the original book story, but I guess it’s also nice to experience all the “versions” as a whole, more complete, story. For instance, I love that there are three versions of the Millennium Trilogy (book, swedish and american). And I love to watch/read every single one, makes the story more complete, or maybe helps quench the thirst for the 6-7 other books that will never see the bookshelves…
            As regards book/movie status, I’d say I agree with you most of the time. Watching a movie after having enjoyed reading a book will always seem summmarized, missing pieces we really loved in the story. But on the other side, this “summed up” aspect is really useful to grasp the gist of a story (again, Millennium and all of its Swedish-named characters, or any other complex story), and so help the audience enjoy the book better afterwards. Just saying…!

            • I appreciate your comment, and I do agree with you that the ‘summed up’ version can be helpful to those who want to enjoy the book as well. Millennium is a great example for sure.

              And yes, I have heard there are additional books that Larsson had planned to write for the series. It is saddening that he was unable to be around this earth long enough to finish them.

              Again, I truly appreciate your comment and love that my blog opens up for discussions such as this.

              • Yvan says:

                Love that such greats blog posts help foster discussion and exchange!! Looking forward for more from you! (as for me, inspiration has been in and out lately…!). Have a nice weekend dear friend.

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