Who is Margaret Atwood?

Likely, you’ve probably never heard of Margaret Atwood as she isn’t in the mainstream zeitgeist of our culture. Why? Because her art lives within a world where the quietness of ones mind is essential in order to produce creativity with humans most basic tool- words. Her art, POETRY. Poetry is in fact a dying art. In this incredible world of technology (radio, movies, ipod’s, internet), the art of poetry cannot compete.

So, here’s my question: before this art form becomes obsolete, what can I do to help try and rekindle its magic into our busy, modern, hectic lives. How will poetry ever compete on a Friday night with an opening Blockbuster hit that just landed into theaters? Good question. I don’t know.

All I know is, I have the ability to bring some of this non-mainstream world to you. With that, I want to share with you a speech I find both entertaining and intriguing, given by the Canadian poet Margaret Atwood while visiting the NYS Writer’s Institute in 2005. Watch, then tell me your thoughts?


I would love to hear your thoughts...

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