Once Upon a Time…

in the land of television, there lived a program with great promise. This program I’m speaking of is the pilot that aired last night (10/23/11) on ABC, entitled Once Upon a Time (airing 5:00ET/8:00PT). While viewing this hour long ‘drama’, I found myself instantly intrigued by the characters, story, and the relationship between the world of reality and fantasy.

This show takes a unique look at the fairytales you grew up with, as they have been re-imagined or should we say, re envisioned.  All of the characters from Fairy Tale Land have had a curse placed on them by an evil witch, and as a result have sent them all frolicking to our world to inhabit the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, unknowing of their true identities. The only one who was protected from this curse was in fact Emma Swan, Prince Charming and Snow White’s daughter, whom  was placed in an armoire shortly after her birth. The armoire served as a safe haven and portal that allowed the infant to travel from the fairytale world and into ours. Rumpelstiltskin foretold of this child being the savior of this town, and that this child would come back to her parents upon turning 28 years old to save the people of Storybrooke.

The only problem is that Emma, now 28, doesn’t believe this from the boy Henry who continually tells her over and over again that she is destined to save Storybrooke.  Henry is in fact her son, the son she gave up for adoption in hopes of giving him the ‘best possible chance’ at life. Henry, a young boy now, finds her, brings her to Storybrooke with intentions of bringing their savior to meet her destiny, while she is intending to bring him back home to the mother who adopted him (who turns out is the evil wicked queen who tried to poison Snow White with the apple… you remember…)

The transitions made between real world and fantasy are great. Although these characters are old and have been told to children for countless years, they are presented anew in a plot that is fresh and exciting. One can hardly wait for the commercial breaks to end, to find out just whats going to happen next. This show is not just fun on a whim, as it truly demonstrates real staying power. If the rest of the season follows the success of the pilot, then this show has a good shot at finding its happily ever after.


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