Suburgatory: to watch or not to watch…

I’m no authority on ABC’s new hit show “Suburgatory”, but it is one to watch with a fun kind of skepticism. The prime time comedy show has that special “something”, and it isn’t the X factor… The writing isn’t over the top with its witty banter, and the delivery of the lines are performed with an ease that  easily draws you into the world where suburbia meets city mentality. The main female character is the glue to all the other pieces in this show. She plays teenage angst, struggle, and sarcasm like its a fiddle. What a fun character to watch. All the characters may be overplayed at times, though I feel that is where much of this shows strength lies, in the exaggeration of everyday living.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience this gem, here is the basic premise: A father and daughter move from New York, New York, to the suburbs, and the main character “Tessa Altman” played by Jane Levy just doesn’t like her new school, and is feeling all sorts of out of place when it comes to the other kids her age. Unlike most kids who move to a new school, and often find themselves sad, lonely, or depressed, “Tessa” is rather busy working her sarcastic charm, attempting to persuasively scheme a case in hopes of convincing her father to agree to move back to New York. Even though he says there is less then 0% chance of that happening, she remains eternally optimistic…My kind of girl.

This show is a lot of fun and if you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs around 8:30PT on a Wednesday night, I recommend you give it a go.It’s not mind bending, nor culture shifting, but it has moments of success that are worth the watch I think. Let me know what you think. -D


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