Are you THAT GIRL?

Art,  in its higher essence, moves to evoke change. We see it all around us.  In great literature, stage, film, music, photographs, paintings…. and now the World Wide Web. I  find it fascinating that someone, a single human, can sit behind a  computer or camera (data later to be uploaded onto the computer), and  generate through sincerity the belief in the ability to bring about change for a better world, and by doing so touching and influencing those around them.

Alexis Jones, of “I Am That Girl” is such a person as I have described. Her spirit is magnetic. Her passion is undeniable. And she hungers for change. That is what someone who is of an artist mentality truly exhibits… ‘hunger’… and compassion. She is striving to make this world see women not simply how the media portrays them. The issue of body image plagues our world, and girls are made to fight to maintain an image given to them by a society who’d rather see them in cookie cutter form, then happy healthy individuals. If only our girls could learn their true value and worth, then undeniably we wouldn’t have the eating disorders that we have. Our girls need to be made to feel they have  everything to offer this world, cause they do. They just need to hear it from us, see it in action, and then they’ll believe in it. The skies the limit.

I highly recommend browsing the “I am that Girl” website, and Facebook page.  Feel  the camaraderie, feel the passion….. And most of all, be that girl and that voice who inspires others to see what they themselves do not.  -D


2 thoughts on “Are you THAT GIRL?

  1. ziwaka says:

    Well said Daryn!! This is such a huge issue that is pushed further and further down by the media itself. I shared a video awhile ago about the media portraying women as “skinny and flawless”. It was very well put together, and about a model who had a fit because she was photo-shopped thinner. She made it clear she did NOT look like that, and never signed off rights for the magazine to use that photo. It hit a strong point, much does your blog here!

    • Write, Wrong, and InBetween Reviews says:

      Thanks Adrienne. I appreciate you reading this and giving me your thoughts. It is bothersome that so many girls are plagued with negative self image and are not aware of their own strengths. Girls are made to feel inadequate and feel the pressure to be that which is unattainable. Instead of recognizing on focusing on their strengths, the media has them turn negatively on themselves. No matter big, little, or of a healthy body weight. No one is immune to feeling these pressures. And that video you mentioned seems to definitely speak on this. There are also a few starlit celebs (Kate Winslet [actress from Titanic] being one) that remind me of this video you speak of. Kate Winslet is adamant about her image being unaltered, as she is trying to send a positive message to her fans, and show them that she isn’t caving to societies pressures, but is happy with who and how she looks (which I personally think she is BEAUTIFUL) and exudes pride and confidence that is inspiring to those who look up to her.

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